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How to Handle Fall and Slip Accidents

How to Handle Fall and Slip Accidents

Aside from clutter and environmental culprits like poor lighting and slippery floors, some other factors why fall and slip accidents happen to elders are:

  • Poor vision
  • Poor posture
  • Impaired balance
  • Increased age
  • Medication side effects

As home care in Rockville, Maryland, that cares for seniors – we are aware that we shall help prevent the said elements. But there are times we do not foresee them happening.

What shall we do in the case of these accidents? See the list below.

  • Do not move the patient.

    Carrying or even just changing their position might cause further damages. It is better to leave them to experts. Calm the patient down to prevent hysteria and panic.

  • Call for an emergency.

    Call 911 for immediate response. You can make an initial assessment of the victim and perform necessary actions when you have training or certification on Basic Life Support.

  • Relay all information to the response team when a victim cannot communicate.

    Every single detail matters. It will make further assessments and treatments of the patient more accurate.

As much as we like to watch our elderly loved ones round the clock, we are not always available due to other responsibilities. So getting home care assistance is one of the things we can consider. Family and caregivers alike should participate in the healing process of a senior after a slip or fall. Following the treatment plan are essential to improvement and fast recovery.

When you need companionship services and Respite Care in Fairfax, Virginia, don’t hesitate to call our hotlines, MD 1-866-930-(2273)CARE (2273), VA 1-855-766-CARE (2273). Capital Home Care is here to help you watch over your beloved elders.

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