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Capital Home Care Companionship and Homemaking services include the following:

  • caregiver with her patient

    Diet Planning
    Having a healthy diet helps you maintain and possibly improve some of your ailments. While we are not able to recommend specific diet plans, we are able to support our clients in making food decisions and meal plans based on the diet plan that has already been prescribed for you by your dietician/nutritionist. Our caregivers will ensure adequate fluid and caloric intake for those who may have decreased appetite and may therefore be at risk for malnutrition.

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    Meal Preparation
    Our caregivers can help you prepare well-balanced meals so that you are properly nourished and well hydrated. Caregivers will prepare meals for you based on your preferences and based on your prescribed diet. For instance, if you are advised to follow a pureed diet, our caregivers will ensure that your food is pureed (and of course, as tasty as possible!)

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    Light Housekeeping
    In order to deliver quality care in a safe, healthy environment, it is important that your living area be kept clean, organized and free of clutter. Our caregivers are able to perform basic housekeeping tasks for you. Examples include: wiping down kitchen after meal preparation, doing laundry, folding laundry, taking the trash out, changing bed linen and cleaning up around you after doing your personal care tasks.

  • caregiver and patient buying foods

    Grocery and General Shopping
    If you need help picking up your groceries or with general shopping, our caregivers can help get that done for you.

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    Assisting with Sorting Mail and General Paperwork
    Our caregivers can assist you with sorting mail and with organizing paperwork. If needed, they can also provide some help with reading or writing if you have limitations that prevent you from doing so.

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    Laundry and Changing Linen
    Ensuring a clean environment around you, our caregivers will do laundry as per your instruction and will change linen as often as required.

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    Traveling Aide
    We offer assistance and accompaniment while you are on the go. Our caregivers are able to accompany you to medical appointments or while you are running other errands so you can reach your destinations safely.

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    Periodic Review with Family
    At your request, our nurses always have time to speak with you to discuss your health needs and/or concerns.