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Capital Home Care offers Top Quality Home Care Services in Maryland and Virginia for older adults/seniors, people with cognitive/intellectual disabilities, and for people with a wide range of physical limitations and disabilities. We serve clients of all ages.

Home care often becomes a necessity for people in their senior years or for those who have disabilities which limit their physical or cognitive functioning. For many people, having difficulty or having an inability to perform basic tasks such as walking, getting dressed, using the bathroom and eating can adversely impact quality of life. In the case of people with special needs, their challenges may differ and certain challenges may be unique to them. For this reason, our licensed medical professionals will help customize the plan of care based upon individual needs and preferences. Based on the customized plan, the caregivers are carefully selected and matched to serve our clients throughout Maryland and Virginia.

We understand that family members and friends want the best for their loved ones, therefore we go that extra mile to deliver the best possible care for those in need. Since 2002 we have fine-tuned our processes to make doing business with us as easy and as efficient as possible. We continue to strive to ensure a pleasant home care experience for our clients and for their families.

We serve throughout the states of MD and VA and our administrative offices are located in Rockville, MD and Fairfax, VA. At our offices we have a team of support staff working hard to take care of all matters pertaining to client care. Our licensed caregivers are located all throughout Virginia and Maryland. For convenience purposes, our caregivers are typically assigned to serve clients who are in close proximity to their homes. We currently have access to 20,000 caregivers just in the state of Maryland alone.

Capital Home Care‘s personal care services include the following:

  • caregiver and patient

    Bathing and Dressing
    Due to mobility challenges, simple yet very important tasks such as bathing and dressing can become quite cumbersome. Your safety and comfort is our main concern and our caregivers will support you in performing these tasks in the safest, most comfortable manner possible.

  • caregiver with her patient

    Eating and Preparing Meals
    Whether you need assistance with preparing your meals or with eating, our caregivers can help ensure that you are properly fed. Improving your quality of life is our priority. We will work hard to make sure that your nutritional needs are met.

  • patient and caregiver

    Toileting and Incontinence Care
    If you need assistance with toileting or with incontinence care, our compassionate caregivers are there to help ensure your safety, comfort and cleanliness and they will be sure to maintain your dignity along the way.

  • caregiver helping patient

    Grooming and Hygiene
    Our caregivers help you maintain a clean and healthy body through our services.

  • senior smiling

    Fall Prevention
    Our caregivers equip you with the knowledge and support to lessen the risks for falls. This can help prevent serious injuries to you and/or your loved ones.

  • caregiver with her patient

    Transferring, Positioning and Mobility
    Utilizing correct body posture and proper transferring techniques, our caregivers are well trained and experienced in this aspect of client care. Our caregivers are also experienced with the Hoyer Lift.

  • caregiver and senior doing something

    Medication Management and Reminders
    Proper adherence to your medication regimen can play a vital role in maintaining good health and longevity. Our staff helps remind you to take your medications and for clients that need medication administration, we have licensed medication technicians that can administer medications as per your doctor’s orders.

  • senior having checkup

    Registered Nurse Assessment
    All tasks that are performed by our caregivers are tasks that have been delegated by a registered nurse. The quality of services performed by our caregivers is reviewed by a registered nurse to ensure compliance with the state programs. Our nurse will visit you at set intervals on an ongoing basis to assess your needs and will modify your services based upon any changes in your condition. This ensures that the quality of your care remains top notch.

  • caregiver helping senior

    Delegated Nursing Services
    Your personalized health care plan will be properly implemented with the help of our qualified and efficient nurses and caregivers. Upon your clinical assessment, the nurses will create a customized Caregiver Service Plan that best suits your needs.

  • caregiver and senior smiling together

    Range of Motion Exercises
    These exercises help you improve your joint mobility, improves circulation, keeps muscles active and may decrease joint stiffness. Our caregivers will learn the range of motion exercises prescribed by your physical therapist or your doctors and they are able to assist and support you while performing basic range of motion movements.

  • caregiver and senior

    Short Shifts and Multiple Shifts in a day
    Individual needs vary and we recognize the need for varying scheduling requirements. In many cases, we are able to serve clients with shifts as short as 2 hours. We understand that flexibility in scheduling is important to you and we will work around your schedule to make it happen.

  • caregiver with her patient

    Live-in 24 Hr. Care
    Should you or your loved one need round-the-clock care, we have caregivers who are able to provide live-in services. Based upon your needs and/or preferences, we can also coordinate multiple shifts to ensure 24/7 coverage.

  • caregiver helping his patient senior

    Overnight Shifts
    We know that many falls can happen at night when visibility is reduced. To ensure the safety of your loved ones, if you are in need of reliable care overnight, Capital Home Care can help. We have caregivers available who are able to watch over your loved ones throughout the night, giving you peace of mind that your loved one is safe.