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Caregivers play a significant role in the recovery and health of our clients. We highly value our caregivers and we understand that they are at the center of client care at all times. We treat our caregivers with compassion and with respect at all times. Caregiving requires skill mastery, experience and most importantly of all, compassion. At Capital Home Care, we hire our caregivers based not only on their competence and credentials but also on their general attitude towards client care.

Ultimately, it is their wholehearted compassion and dedication that ensures the client’s wellbeing. Attitude cannot be taught in school. Compassion and a positive attitude are what matter most in the field of caregiving and that’s what CAPITAL HOME CARE looks for most, when recruiting caregivers.

To ensure that our clients are getting the best service possible, we require the following from our caregivers during our application/screening process:

  • CPR and First Aid Certifications
  • Reference checking with previous employers
  • State required health screenings
  • Verification of active CNA / CMT / GNA / LPN / RN licenses or certificates
  • Personal and panel interviews
  • Criminal background check
  • Skills competency check by Registered Nurse

Once hired, the caregivers are subjected to Pre-Deployment Orientation. They also have a Continuing Education Plan and Ongoing Assessments conducted by Capital Home Care nurses at regular intervals.

Our caregivers are assessed by Capital Home Care Registered Nurses in the field to ensure best compliance with quality procedures outlined by the state. Further a full time Director of Nursing as well as Director of compliance work hand in hand to ensure a pleasant experience on part of the clients and everyone involved. Even more stringent screenings, and verifications processes apply to the nurses in the field and the staff in the office.

In-home care referral services are offered by qualified caregivers throughout the states of Maryland and Virginia facilitated seamlessly by Capital Home Care Team.

We understand that our clients need culturally sensitive care and we have a rich cultural mix of multi-lingual caregivers, including but not limited to: Spanish Speaking Caregivers, Hindi Speaking Caregivers, Mandarin Speaking Caregivers, Cantonese Speaking Caregivers, Farsi Speaking Caregivers, Urdu Speaking Caregivers, Arabic Speaking Caregivers, Amharic Speaking Caregivers, Vietnamese speaking Caregivers, Farsi speaking Caregivers and more. Additionally, all of our caregivers are fluent in English.