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Doctors’ Specializations Elders Need to Visit Frequently

Doctors’ Specializations Elders Need to Visit Frequently

As they age, elders need to visit their doctors regularly. But what are the specializations of the doctors the elderly should frequently visit? Your home care in Rockville, Maryland, should be able to identify all these. Below are some examples:

  • Geriatric Doctors – they specialize in geriatric or elderly care. They aim to treat and prevent illnesses and diseases in older adults.
  • Cardiologists – they are the ones who monitor and care for cardiovascular or heart illnesses in seniorhood.
  • Endocrinologists – are doctors for the treatment of diabetes and their complications.
  • Psychiatrists – they promote wellness and treat mental diseases of the elderly.
  • Otolaryngologists – are commonly known as ENT doctors. They treat diseases of the eye, ears, nose, neck, and throat.

Aside from these, there are more doctors your elders should frequent depending on their cases. We have Oncologists for cancer, gynecologists or urologists for problems in the reproductive and urinary systems, and others. They perform surgical or non-surgical treatments based on the diagnosis and work hand-in-hand with your home care team for monitoring and treatment progress. When you need their services, ask your caregivers if they know the nearest clinics in your area or if they have their partner hospitals or clinics.

Capital Home Care provides your need for home care services, personal care, and even respite care in Fairfax, Virginia. When you need someone to assist you to monitor your condition, call our hotline in Maryland at 1-866-930-CARE (2273) or in Virginia at 1-855-766-CARE (2273).

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