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Encouraging Your Senior Loved One to Maintain Hygiene

Encouraging Your Senior Loved One to Maintain Hygiene

When our senior loved one has poor hygiene issues, their overall well-being is also at risk. This inability to groom themselves can be caused by many factors. For seniors, the reasons range from cognitive impairment, depression, to fear (especially of falling inside the bathroom). If we observe that our aging loved ones are no longer able to care for their own bodies, then we know that it’s time they need some assistance.

Is poor hygiene also an issue with your senior loved one? Do they have difficulty taking a bath? How do you encourage them to care for themselves on their own? We can help you with this matter. Aside from providing home care in Rockville, Maryland, we also share the following tips so that you can convince your senior parent to maintain their hygiene:

  • Make Bathing as Doctor’s Prescription

    Some seniors are diligent enough to obey what their doctors prescribe. Even if they are not comfortable with taking their medicine for instance, once they know their doctor instructs it, they will really comply. You can make use of this strategy when it comes to their hygiene. Ask their doctor to write out a prescription specifically for their hygiene so your loved one is compelled to bath.

  • Ask Help from Family Members or Friend

    Aside from their trusted doctor, our aging loved ones will also listen to the words or encouragement of a certain family member or their close friend. You can tap their help in telling your aging loved one to be mindful about their hygiene.

  • Use Correct Bath Aids

    Our senior loved ones may also hesitate in taking a bath because they don’t feel safe inside the bathroom or they had a slipping incident in the past. Ensure that sufficient bath aids are present so that they can feel comfortable and safe when they take a bath. If they also have mobility issues, Caregivers can walk them to the bathroom so they can bath on their own.

  • Use Positive Framing in Your Words

    It can also help when you’re mindful of the words you use to convince your loved in taking a bath. For instance, instead of saying it’s bath time, you can say it’s time for “spa”. It sounds relaxing and comfortable, which can encourage them to go and do it. Along with that, reinforce the “spa” ambiance in the bathroom. Use scented soap and when possible, play some soft music.

  • Seek Assistance

    For the instances that seniors need extra hands in taking a bath, ensure that you are there to assist them. If you are having a personal break, request for providers of Respite Care in Fairfax, Virginia to step in for you so that your loved one’s hygiene can still be attended to.

While it’s true that caring for our aging loved ones is not a luxurious endeavour, it can also be fulfilling. Nevertheless, when you need help in caring for them, contact us at Capital Home Care. We’re ready to assist.

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