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Caring for a Loved One with Epilepsy and Seizures

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Seizures can vary in terms of frequency and type. At the same time, the kind of care that the patients suffering from seizures need will also vary. As a result, many families with loved ones who suffer from epilepsy take advantage of home care in Rockville, Maryland. Through this, the patients will receive the right type of care that they need.

When looking after a loved one with epilepsy, take note of the following tips:

  • Talk to the doctor
    Your loved one’s doctor is the best person to ask about what they are going through. Take note of what the doctor will say in terms of how to properly care for your family member. Make sure to follow care instructions so that your family member’s needs are properly met.

  • Help them with their medications
    There are certain medications that can help control seizures. The doctor may prescribe such medications to your loved one when necessary. If they are having troubles remembering when and how to take their medications, you can help them out with such. If you are not around, you can ask Caregivers to provide ample assistance with medication to your loved one.

  • Monitor episodes of their seizures
    Monitoring episodes of seizures can help the doctor constantly evaluate your loved one’s epilepsy. Since you or a caregiver is a person who will be with your loved one most of the time, you will have the opportunity to observe them. Check how long does every episode last, what symptoms are present and more.

  • Know what to do during an episode
  • As an individual with a loved one who experiences seizures all the time, you have to be prepared and know what to do during an actual episode. A seizure can occur at any time so being prepared helps you protect your family member.

Remember the following:

  • Do not restrain the patient
  • Remove objects or furniture that might hurt the patient. Place extra attention on the head
  • Turn the patient to their side but do not force the mouth open

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