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What You Should and Should Not Do in Emergencies

What You Should and Should Not Do in Emergencies

A lot of families opt to engage the assistance of providers of home care in Rockville, Maryland to keep their loved ones safe and healthy while remaining at home. While the patients may receive the care they need, there are instances where emergencies may arise.

When this happens, are you ready? Do you know what you should and should not do? Take note of the following the dos and don’ts in any emergency.


  • Do your research

    Emergencies can vary in nature. Check with the healthcare provider or even local officials on what are the necessary actions that you and your loved ones should take for every kind of emergency. Preparedness starts with knowledge of what you are about to face.

  • Do plan and communicate with others

    Talk to your family members and plan what you will do in case of an emergency. Agree on where you will meet or what you will bring. Prepare on how you will evacuate your senior or sick loved ones or those with disabilities. Include their Caregivers in the planning phase.

  • Do prepare an emergency kit

    An emergency kit has all the basic essentials that can help you survive when it is not yet safe to go back to your own home. For instance, items such as medications for stomachache, canned goods, flashlights, batteries and more should be included in the kit.

  • Do practice

    It is always best to practice and simulate what you will do and what will happen in an emergency. This will help you refine your plan, figure out flaws, and improve such a plan.


  • Do not call 911 unless there is really a life-threatening emergency

    Too many calls coming in can lead to down systems. Make sure to evaluate the situation and call 911 when there really is an emergency. Do not even call just for a joke or a prank.

  • Do not panic

    Panicking will only confuse you and others on what you should be doing. Keep calm. Think and act afterward.

  • Do not leave your meeting place

    Make sure that you stay in your designated meeting place until all members of your family have met up. Do not leave nor go to any other place unless necessary.

  • Do not leave anyone behind

    Evacuate the patients as necessary and in accordance with the plan. Remember, these patients may be unable to evacuate on their own. Their lives are in danger and they do not have the physical or mental capability to escape by themselves.

Capital Home Care is ready to assist clients in their own homes. Our staff is trained and prepared to handle responsibilities even in the face of emergencies. We also offer Respite Care in Fairfax, Virginia. Call now!

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