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Why Choose Us

imageCapital Home Care vs. Caring Yourself

Caring yourself for your loved ones is great, if finances are tight, government aid is not available, and if you have enough time and commitment to follow through on the demanding needs of your loved ones who need the care. However if you are able to arrange finances or be qualified for government aid, such as Medicaid program, Choosing Capital Home Care is certainly a smart choice. Not only will you have the peace of mind that your loved ones are well taken care of, you will have at your disposal all the time to create loving memories with your loved ones and also invest that time in other productive activities.

Since January 2014, a lot more Americans will be qualified for Medicaid, who were not eligible before. To check if you are eligible, please give us a call for assistance.

Capital Home Care vs. Independent Care Giver

In any professional organization, for critical tasks, there is always a back up, should a staff member be sick or unavailable. Safety and security of your loved ones is far more important, and hence it is not advisable to rely on one care giver alone. Furthermore, Capital Home Care ensures that its’ care givers are meeting the qualifications set by the state and follow highest standards of care protocol set by us. Our clients have a long – term relationship with us. Taking care of your loved ones is a serious matter and you can count upon us, Always!

To ensure you are cared by the best, we take extra care with our screening process. We conduct a professional evaluation of every individual we bring on board, be it, Certified Nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants, Medical Technicians, Medical Assistants, Care-Givers or even the in-office staff members responsible for scheduling accounting or answering your calls. For instance; establishing legal immigration status, employment status, a criminal background check, drug testing, tuberculosis screening, annual physical, skills assessment, validity of CPR / First aid certification, professional reference checks, other certification verification as deemed necessary based upon the nature of job. Prior to any care-giver entering your home, we make sure that they have completed orientation training and skills review. Regular performance reviews of caregivers are conducted as per the stringent industry standards.

We do all this on a consistent basis by leaving nothing to chance, so that we are able to eliminate your worries in the best possible manner. Hence choosing Capital Home Care, you can expect nothing but excellence in all aspects of Personal Care for yourself or your loved one.

Capital Home Care vs. Other Organizations

There are many good companies out there. However, most are independent franchised operations with limited staff and access to a relatively smaller pool of care givers. From the outside looks of it, on web presence, they may look promising, and a big operation. On a national or international level, Yes! They are a big operation but your concern is local and how your needs will be met locally. Rest assured, with Capital Home Care, we are big enough locally with access to all necessary resources to give you the best options you deserve and small enough to care a lot! By far, we are your smart choice! Try us and you will know why!