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Personal Care

Personal Care in Fairfax, Virginia

Senior Care Maryland And Home Care Assistance MD. Personal Care and Companion Care Services for Seniors, Disabled and patients of all ages in need.

Capital Home Care offers Top Quality Home Care Services in Maryland for Seniors, Disabled, Autistic, Patients with limited mobility.

Home care often becomes a necessity for people in their old age or for those who have a disability limiting their physical or cognitive ability. Reasons are simple! The prime one being the inability to do the efforts required for completing as basic tasks as walking, changing clothes and even eating. In the case of people with special needs, including patients with limited mobility, autism, and those suffering from a disability such as seizures, challenges differ and our licensed medical professionals help customize the plan of care based upon individual needs. Selected providers are trained to serve the patients throughout Maryland.

We understand that the family members and friends want the best for their dear ones, therefore we go the extra mile to ensure that we deliver the best possible care for those in need. In more than 15 years of our experience, we have put in all checks and balances at every step of the way, to ensure a wonderful home care experience for the ones in need as well as for those who facilitate the service for their loved ones.

Our head office is in Montgomery County MD, however our licensed medical professionals including RNs, CNAs CMTs operate from their home and go to our clients directly from their homes throughout Maryland. At the head office we have a full support staff to take care of all matters pertaining to patient care coordination. We currently have following active caregivers in areas such as:

Home Care Montgomery County: 200 Caregivers

Home Care Howard County: 150 Caregivers

Home Care Frederick County: 100 Caregivers

Home Care PG County: 150 Caregivers

Home Care Baltimore City: 100 Caregivers

Home Care Baltimore County:  50 Caregivers

Home Care Anne Arundel County: 50 Caregivers

Home Care Washington County: 50 Caregivers

We even serve some clients in eastern shore and southern part of Marlyand, in Charles County, St. Mary’s County, Worcester County.

Whether your loved one is Medicaid approved for state sponsored home care, Insurance approved or out of pocket private pay, we have the experience and ability to serve all needs.

Capital Home Care‘s personal care services include the following:

  • Senior Care Maryland, Home Care Assistance MD
    Bathing and DressingDue to mobility challenges, simple yet very important tasks such as bathing and dressing become cumbersome. Your safety and comfort is main concern of our Caregivers as they make it convenient for you to do these important tasks.
  • Home Care Assistance MD, Senior Care Maryland
    Feeding and Tuck-in Care Whether you need assistance with preparing your food or feeding, our Caregivers can help ensure that you are properly fed. Improving your quality of life is our priority.
  • Home Care Assistance MD, Senior Care Maryland
    Toileting and Incontinence Care When you need assistance with toileting, or incontinence care our compassionate Caregivers are there to help you in a dignified way to ensure your safety, comfort and cleanliness.
  • Senior Care Maryland, Home Care Assistance MD
    Grooming and HygieneOur caregivers help you maintain a clean and healthy body through our services.
  • Senior Care Maryland, Home Care Assistance MD
    Fall PreventionWe equip you with knowledge to lessen or better yet, eliminate fall accidents. This helps avoid fatal and non-fatal injuries to you and/or your loved ones.
  • Home Care Assistance MD, Senior Care Maryland
    Transferring and PositioningCorrect body posture and proper transfer of patients to and from other places are very important. Our Caregivers are well trained and experienced with these tasks that need to be performed safely and regularly for patients with mobility challenges.
  • Senior Care Maryland, Home Care Assistance MD
    Medication Management and RemindersProper adherence to your medication plays a vital role in the delivery of a favorable result in almost any treatment. Our staff helps remind you take your medications and for patients that need medication administration, we have qualified Caregivers that administer the right combination of your medicines with the right dosage at the right time and keep an accurate record for Nurses and Doctors reference.
  • Home Care Assistance MD, Senior Care Maryland
    Registered Nurse Supervision The quality of tasks performed by our Caregivers is ensured under supervision of a Registered Nurse. Our Nurse will visit you regularly at set intervals to assess your needs on an ongoing basis and adjust the services based upon any changes in your needs. This ensures that quality of your care remains top notch.
  • Senior Care Maryland
    Delegated Nursing ServicesYour personalized health care plan will be properly implemented and administered with the help of our qualified and efficient Nurses and Caregivers. Upon your clinical assessment, the RN’s job is to create a customized Caregiver Service Plan that best suits your condition.
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    Skilled Nursing This program is right for those who need a comprehensive health care treatment by licensed nurses.
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    Range of Motion Exercises This helps you improve your joint functions, through various range of motion exercises that are created by your therapists. These exercises are known to help maintain good health and are done as prescribed by your therapists.
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    Short Shifts and Multiple Shifts in a day Individual needs vary and recognizing varying scheduling requirements, in many cases, we are able to serve clients with even 2 hours shifts and as may be required, we are able to schedule our Caregivers for multiple shifts in morning, afternoon or evening.
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    Live-in 24 Hr. CareShould you or your loved ones need round the clock care, we have Caregivers who are able to provide the service 24/7.
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    Overnight SupervisionWhen you need a reliable care during the night, then our overnight supervision is the right service for you. Receive full care assistance from our certified and compassionate caregivers.