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Our Services

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We Provide up to 24-Hour Home Care for Elderly Throughout Maryland and Virginia

24 hour home care Services

The care challenges that come along with an aging or a disabled family member can cause a lot of worries. Some medical conditions are more or less a given beyond a certain age. With work and other responsibilities, providing continuous care can drain one’s energy and adversely affect so many aspects of one’s life. If you are facing any of these problems, or if you are considering assisted living for your loved ones, Capital Home Care services can be a viable solution.

At Capital Home Care, we improve the quality of our clients’ lives as well as indirectly better the lives of their loved ones by providing 3 to 24 hours of home care in Rockville, Virginia and our other service areas. The following are the non-medical in-home personal care services we provide:

  • Companionship
  • Homemaking
  • Mobility
  • Toileting
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Bathing and Dressing
  • Medication Reminders
  • Transferring and Positioning
  • Supervision under Registered Nurse
  • Grocery and General Shopping
  • Live-in, 24-Hour Care Available
  • Periodic Review with Family
  • Appointments and Errands
  • Incidental Transportation
  • Overnight Supervision
  • Assist with Reading
  • Respite Care

A Few Signs That Suggest Your Aging Parents Could Use Our Help

1. Mail and bills are left to pileup for long periods of time.
2. The house is cluttered or unkempt. No laundry is done.
3. Food in the refrigerator is uneaten or spoiled. Shopping, cooking, and cleaning is becoming too much trouble.
4. Signs of scorching on the bottoms of pots and pans may be a result of short-term memory loss.
5. The parent wears the same clothing over and over again and has other personal hygiene issues.
6. They Missed doctor’s appointments. Sometimes this is simply a product of not having transportation and not knowing how to access ride options.
7. They repeatedly call at odd hours. When a parent telephones friends or family at odd hours, it may be a sign of memory loss or a cry for help-a sign of depression or isolation.
8. Consistently forgetting to take medication may be a sign of short-term memory loss or depression. This isn’t just a quality of life issue but a real risk factor.
9. They show signs of inappropriate behavior, clothing or speech. This may be a sign that he or she might be confused.
10. Symptoms of depression are a frequent problem for many older people who feel isolated & alone.

About Home Care

Home Care can be categorized into two types:

1. Medical Care: Administered by Licensed Medical Professionals, such as Nurses and Therapists; also know as skilled care, it is provided by caregivers as per the protocols set and designed by licensed medical professionals to meet individual needs of a particular condition and/or patient
2. Non – Medical Home Care: Also known as Personal care, the aim of non-medical home care is to assist people who need personal care to be able to stay home instead at a nursing care facility. As per an independent study 86% of the seniors preferred to stay at home for as long as possible.  

Capital Home Care does exactly that by helping its clients live close to their family in the comforts of their home and ensuring they receive the care they need anywhere from three hours upto 24 hour home care services by experienced professionals.

An old saying is so true, “There is no place like home” – At Capital Home Care, we do our best to help you stay in it!