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Health Care and Management in Rockville, Maryland

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What services does Home Care include?

Home Care can be categorized into two types:

  • 1. Medical Care: Administered by Licensed Medical Professionals, such as Nurses and Therapists
  • 2. Non – Medical Personal Care: Also known as skilled care! It is provided by Caregivers as per the protocols set and designed by licensed medical professionals to meet individual needs of a particular condition and/or patient. The services are of Personal Care nature, where the Caregiver physically assists the patient to do their activities of daily living. Other services the Caregivers offer to the patients are companionship and homemaking.

The aim of non-medical home care is to assist people who need personal care to be able to stay home instead at a nursing care facility. As per an independent study, overwhelming majority of the seniors preferred to stay at home for as long as possible, Capital Home Care does exactly that by helping its clients live close to their family in the comforts of their home. An old saying is so true, “There is no place like home” – At Capital Home Care, we do our best to help you stay in it!

How is Capital Home Care different?

Capital Home Care’s distinction emanates from its’ approach, “Patient Care First!” Capital Home Care brings a right combination of so many factors that positively affect patient care consistently. For instance:

  • Finding the right caregiver, who is qualified, competent, motivated, background checked, has professional references that attest to the skills as well as reliability
  • Matching the right caregiver with the personality type of the care recipient
  • Consistency in assigning the same caregiver to the same care recipient, working towards continuity of excellence in care
  • Co-ordination amongst Caregivers and Patient’s changing needs to ensure that there is a back-up, should a care-giver be tied up
  • Ensuring the customized Caregiver service plan created for the patient is adhered to by the Caregiver through training and monitoring as well updating the plan based upon change in patient needs

What will be the Caregiver’s duties, what are the things they can and cannot do?

Based upon patient specific needs situation and medical condition, a Caregiver service plan is put in place at the time of start of services. The Caregiver’s job is to follow that plan for activities charted out in the plan by a Registered Nurse and continue to update Capital Home Care regarding any changes in the patient condition so that the specific needs are met as they arise. Regarding housekeeping, the Caregivers are responsible to clean up after the patient, clean after they cook and clean around the patient. Deep cleaning tasks are not within the realm of the Caregivers duties.

Are your Caregivers trained?

Having served thousands of seniors and disabled, since 2002, the existing pool of Caregivers is well versed with their job and has significant experience. Also at the time of hiring a new Caregiver, apart from other extensive steps, the Caregivers are skills assessed, regularly trained and monitored. Apart from the standard training, they are trained and advised on necessary protocols by Capital Home Care Registered Nurse on case specific basis. Caregivers have access to dozens of training topics about health care and senior care.

Can I get assistance from the State/Government?

There are many programs at the federal as well as state level for those who need care. You can Contact Us for assistance and someone from our office will direct you to the appropriate resources to help you determine what you may be eligible for?

Is Capital Home Care registered with the state?

Yes, Capital Home Care serves many state programs throughout the state of Maryland and Virginia. The Maryland Residential Service Agency license no. is: R 2078 issued by Department of Health and mental Hygiene, Office of Health Care Quality

If there is an emergency during off business hours, can I reach someone at Capital Home Care?

There is a 24/7 toll free number that can be contacted during off business hours for both Maryland as well as Virginia Locations:
MD: 1-866-930-CARE (2273)
VA: 1-855-766-CARE (2273)

What if I do not like my Caregiver and want to change?

Our patient’s safety and comfort is paramount. This is a message instilled in all our Caregivers. At times, it takes a little bit of adjustment period for the Caregiver to be accepted and adjusted in a new environment and most times it happens rather quickly, as Caregivers compassion enables them to quickly adapt to new environment. There are some times, when a compatibility issue is brought to our attention, either by the patient or the Caregiver and we make the replacement to ensure continuity of care for the patient.

Where can I submit my feedback / suggestions or complaints if any?

We take the feedbacks, suggestions as well as complaints very seriously and do our best to take the best immediate action on them. For feedback or suggestions, please click here. For any reasons, you can call us on the toll free number, fax us on our fax number, use the contact us form, email us at:

Does the same Caregiver come every time?

The same Caregiver may not be available all the time because of schedules, personal situation etc.. We make best effort to maintain continuity of care with Caregiver/s that the patient is comfortable with. There are several cases where we have our patients being served by the same Caregiver for even 10 years. Initially it may take some time for the pieces of puzzle to come together and as we collectively work with patient centric attitude, the puzzle comes together as a good Picture.

If a Caregiver gets sick or is not able to come for other reasons.

During a situation like this, our scheduling team makes every effort to ensure that we are able to find a substitute as soon as possible. The scheduling team keeps the patient posted about the situation and makes all efforts to find a Caregiver that will be a good fit. Our success rate of finding a good Caregiver in an emergency is very high as we maintain a good database of Caregivers available for such emergencies.

Who administers medication?

Typically, the Caregiver’s are able to remind the client’s for their medications and the administering part if required by someone else is done by a family member. However in cases where a family member is not available to administer medication and the patient is not able to self-administer, Capital Home Care assigns licensed Med-tech Caregivers who are able to administer as well as keep a record of the medications administered.

What happens if the patient goes to the hospital?

Caregiver informs the Registered Nurse about the situation. We stay connected with patient and or their representative and are available for the patient as and when the patient needs us. Based upon any changes in the medical condition, Capital Home Care Registered Nurse will reassess the patient’s needs and modify the Caregiver Service Plan to best suit the patient needs.

How soon can the services start?

  • For Private Pay, it can be as soon as within 24-48 hours.
  • For Medicaid eligible clients, as soon as we receive the approval from the state.
  • For private insurance, as soon as the Insurance Company confirms that CHC can begin providing the hours of care per week based upon the benefits coverage of the beneficiary.